FFwD – Monkfish with Double Carrots

I’m sorry to be so late with my post. I don’t know what has happened that I can’t get my blogging done. I do the cooking but the posting isn’t happening. I’m trying to get better but I never make the commitment that makes it happen! Errrr! Very frustrated with myself! Moving on. We loved […]

FFwD – Vanilla Vegetable Salad + FF Cheat

This week’s French Friday recipe has shaved carrots and squash with salad greens and a vanilla flavored dressing. It sounds intriguing but didn’t excite us in actuality. Dorie tells a wonderful story of having this salad at a romantic little wine bar in Paris. Maybe if I’d had it in the same setting it would […]

FFwD – Lentils

I did not grow up eating lentils. We ate many types of legumes in my family but not lentils. As a young woman I had two co-workers that were German war brides, that’s how they described themselves. They brought home cooked food for their lunch most days and they took pity on me for being […]

FFwD – Chicken Curry with Peppers and Peas or Carrots

    Dragon Con 2014 is over! It was fun. It was weird. It was interesting. Already planning and thinking about 2015. A neighbor asked if we are ‘really into Science Fiction stuff?’ and we have to admit we are not. We ARE into fun and different experiences. Both are in abundance at Dragon Con! […]

FFwD – Couscous Salad

  The wonderful thing about French Fridays with Dorie is the way Around My French Table offers history and geography lessons as we cook and learn about food! Our young Algerian friend, Hayet, has made couscous for us many times and it was delicious. On a visit last year her mother was horrified to see […]

FFwD – Roasted Peppers

I’ve roasted lots of things but this was my first time roasting peppers but it won’t be my last! Simple and delicious! Only problem was a bad choice on my part….don’t use mini peppers! Sprouts had a mix of cute mini peppers and I thought they would be perfect for this but the ratio of […]

FFwD – Provencal Vegetable Soup

If, like me, you have a hard time getting motivated to make soup in the summer, push through and get it done. You’ll be glad you did. This recipe calls for small pasta but all I had was pearl couscous and it was delicious. No potato? No problem! No fresh corn? Use canned! Easy, quick […]

FFwD – Coddled Eggs with Foie Gras (Kind Of)

Oh Gentle Reader, I have been absent too long. You may not have missed me but I have missed you. I have been gone so long that I fear I have lost you and now I must work at wooing you back. I have been knocked about by life lately but finally I’ve come to […]

FFwD – Leeks Vinaigrette with Mimosa

Leeks are exotic, or at least they are in the south. Or at least they are to this southern girl. I never had a leek until Dorie had me use them in potato soup. They are supposedly very hardy and easy to grow. So why are they so expensive? $2.99 a pound for these. And […]

FFwD – Green As Spring Chicken Stew

Welcome to the new blog site! This has been and continues to be a struggle for me and it wouldn’t be possible without the help of my sister and sweet daughter-in-law! Thank you ladies! I’ve been cooking but not blogging my French Friday recipes lately. Part of it has to do with the new site. […]