FFwD Grand Finale – Endings – It’s Over

In September 2009 I wrote my first blog post. I didn’t have a clue what I was doing but I had something to say and  blogging seemed like the 21st century way to say it. I had been at odds with my mother since about 1969. Don’t get me wrong; I loved her, loved her […]

FFwD – The Never Doubt Dorie Moment

As French Friday with Dorie is coming to an end the assignment is to remember a time I was skeptical about a recipe but ended up liking it or learning a useful technique. The recipe that was probably the most surprising for me was Endives, Apples, and Grapes from page 338 of Around My French Table […]

TwD – Baking Chez Moi – Rhubarb Upside-Down Brown Sugar Cake

I served this Brown Sugar Rhubarb Upside-Down Cake for dessert. I will confess to being skeptical of this one but it was quite delicious. I used frozen rhubarb drained really, really well and then blotted with paper towels. Still my cake took an extra 15 minutes or so past the stated 25 minutes. I served […]

FFwD – The Aha Moment – Favorite Recipes

I have ruminated on French Fridays and my favorite recipes and what I’ve learned and what I will miss and the people and why can’t I get my posts up on time anymore and on and on and on. You get the idea. Picking a favorite recipe is hard but I’m saying Salade Nicosia on […]

The Cottage Cooking Club – May 2015

When The Kitchen Lioness started The Cottage Cooking Club, based on Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s River Cottage Veg cookbook, I was excited at the opportunity to experiment with more vegetarian dishes. I participated a couple of times and then life and various distractions got in my way. With French Fridays winding down I’m ready to gear up with […]

FFwD – Chicken In A Pot – The Last Recipe!

It is hard to believe this project, cooking our way through Dorie Greenspan’s Around My French Table, is coming to an end. I joined the group in November of 2010, one month after it began. While I’ve learned a few things about cooking, the best part has been the people I’ve connected with. This chicken […]

FFwD – Cheesecake Tart

I screwed this up, twice, and still it was delicious! I agree with Dorie. Why isn’t this a popular recipe in the USA? It probably has something to do with the availability and price of creme fraiche and a reluctance to put cottage cheese in a pie! I will be making this again and next […]

TWD – BCM – Coconut Tapioca

I don’t have much to say about this dish. Its not very good. No. Its worse than that. Its gelatinous and bland. As my grandson would say “I can’t yike it!”. To make matters worse I made Laurent’s Slow-Roasted Spiced Pineapple to go with it and that’s not very good either. Both recipes were a disappointment. […]

Baking Chez Moi – Lemon Madelines

Oh man! We are talking about the good stuff here. This recipe is super easy and dangerously delicious. I ate two while they were warm. I wasn’t sure about the glaze technique of glazing them cold and putting them under the broiler to melt the glaze so I took the easy way out and glazed […]

FFwD – Cabbage and Foie Gras Unbundled

I remember my mother cooking cabbage when I was a child. She and my dad loved it. We children, not so much. She would cut it into large chunks, cover it with water, maybe add a piece of pork or ham or bacon grease and then boil it, boil it, boil it. Remember? That’s how […]